Introducing Alpina Manufacturing’s GAS PUMP FRAMES

Made for 5” x 7” and 8 ½” x 11” graphics. Mount on pump hose, or the top, and any side of pump, underneath hood, any way you want, with strong double sided foam tape. No drilling, no damage. Patents Pending. All Rights Reserved ©2024.


Frames made of super tough ABS UV protected plastic.
Black standard color, but can be custom molded in White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, almost any color.
Frames can take abuse, bending, winds, impacts and super hot and cold weather.
We can also make custom sized for any size graphics.
We offer Logo bottom and non-logo bottom frames.
We can silkscreen your logo on one or both sides of frame, or a high tack color labels can be applied.
Special tabs retain your graphics in wind and abuse, but easy to change out.
Suggested graphics to be printed on .020~.040 styrene for rigidity and retention (we can print).
We can package, bundle, drop ship blind any way you want from Chicago, IL.

Below: Gas Pump Frame 5” x 7” insert. Zip ties are pre-installed and held on the frame/hose assembly to make it easy for 1 person to quickly zip tie the frame to the hose (patents pending). Special retention tabs hold the graphics inside frame.

Below: Surface mounted at bottom, underneath, sides of pump, any way you want. All mounting options are pre-installed at our Alpina factory in Chicago. You just need to peel and stick or zip tie to pump area and insert graphic.

See this fun 57 second video about the Gas Pump Frames

Download PDF flyer

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